• Cytognos 2022年价格调整通知

    Cytognos 2022年价格将有所上涨,准确价格请询授权代理北京华泰昕生物医疗技术有限公司。特此通知。

    2021-12-23 admin

  • 关于Cytognos产品的使用标注说明

    产品标注的使用范围如下:“RUO” or “For Research Use Only”: not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.“CE-IVD”: products intended for in vitro diagnostic use and conforming to European Directive (98/79/

    2021-06-24 admin

  • Cytognos 2020年新增抗体及流式检测产品

    Cytognos 2020年新增抗体及流式检测产品类别货号产品名称二代流式CYT-BCP-ALL-MRD-RBCP-ALL-MRD二代流式CYT-PCST-RPCST: Plasma Cell Screening Tube二代流式CYT-ALOT-RALOT: Acute Leukemia Orientation Tube二代流式CYT-SST-RSST: Small Sample Tube二代流

    2021-01-18 admin

  • 流式细胞仪及辅助试剂

    流式细胞仪及辅助试剂产品CategoryProduct nameCatalog codeSizeFlow Cytometer, Next Generation Flow™Omnicyt™CYT-OMNIAncillary Reagents, Flow CytometerOmnicyt™ Debubble SolutionCYT-OMNI-DBS50 mLAncillary Reagents, Fl

    2020-10-24 admin

  • Cytognos 2020年产品目录下载

    Cytognos is a Biotech company based in Salamanca with over 20 years of experience at successfully designing, developing, manufacturing and commercializing innovative flow cytometry products for in vit

    2020-05-14 admin

  • cytognos 2019年新产品

    cytognos 2019年新增流式抗体产品,欢迎选购产品价格查询及全部cytognos流式抗体产品目录:http://www.rightab.com/brand/Cytognos货号名称规格单隆号CYT-2F7CD2-FITC1 ml / 200 testsRPA-2.10CYT-4F1CD4-FITC1 ml / 200 testsRPA-T4CYT-9PBZCD9-Pacific Blue™

    2020-02-06 admin

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