mmlabs(Micro Measurement Laboratories)

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  • 代理区域:中国
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Micro Measurement Laboratories

We proudly offer particulate matter testing, particle identification, and professional standards.

We use state of the art instruments and methods. All work is performed in controlled environments including clean rooms and laminar flow hoods.

Micro Measurement Labs possesses more than 100 years of combined particle related experience. Based in Wheeling, Illinois, our particulate matter testing laboratory excels in the following fields:

  1. Particle Types, Sources and Elimination in many industries and processes

  2. Best Methods for Compendial Particulate Testing USP, EP, JP

  3. Solving Particulate Matter Problems in Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Applications

  4. Container, Formulation, and Process Trouble-Shooting

  5. Experience with Most Any Particle Size or Count Related Application