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  • 代理区域:中国
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Cytognos S.L. is a biotechnology company based in Salamanca (Spain) dedicated to the design and development of new reagents, software and techniques that provide innovative solutions in the flow cytometry field.

Cytognos was founded in 1996 within the Hematology Department of the University of Salamanca. Our company was first established in Spain and nowadays has a healthy presence in international markets. In 1999 Cytognos joined the Vitro Group, one of the biggest diagnostic companies in Spain. In 2006 Cytognos entered the EuroFlow™ consortium and started developing innovative software for flow cytometry data analysis. In 2009 Seguranza Fund managed by Clave Mayor came into the company.

Cytognos公司由萨拉曼卡大学血液科于1996年成立。1999年加入Vitro集团——西班牙最大的诊断企业之一。2006年加入EuroFlow联盟,开始开发流式细胞术创新性的软件产品。2009年,由Cleave Mayor掌管的Seguranza基金加入Cytognos公司。


北京华泰昕生物医疗技术有限公司成为 Cytognos 品牌中国代理商,欢迎中国客户联系咨询。电话:010-83131025,

Cytognos S.L is certified by the ISO 13485 for Medical Devices, therefore we offer the best quality products and guarantee compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements.

Our certification by ISO 9001 allows us to keep improving products, achieve customer’s satisfaction and meet any requirement of our stakeholders. Products and services given by external suppliers might affect directly our company activity. For this reason, Cytognos S.L informs suppliers that they will be evaluated. This evaluation will be based on specific criteria previously defined according to a risk assessment performed by Cytognos. Also, Cytognos will monitor suppliers continuously as well as their compliance based on defined requirements for ordered products and/or services.

Cytognos ISO认证证书下载:

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems. Requirements

ISO 13485 Medical Devices. Quality Management Systems. Requirements for regulatory purposes