Atgen (NKMAX)

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  • 品牌国家:韩国
  • 代理区域:中国
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NKMAX SP融合技术 (Super stable-peptide(SP) fusion technology)

(专利编号:1005067660000 “对环境压力赋予耐性的新多肽及包括它的融合蛋白质”)

NKMAX 重组蛋白质及单克隆抗体


NKMAX通过独家的源泉技术和持续的研究开发确保研究用试药领域的世界性专业制造公司的地位,提出世界生物产业研究的创新解决方案。 详细内容请参考研究用试药网站(。

重组蛋白,抗体和NK Vue等产品订购和价格查询:


NKMAX is a biotech company headquartered in South Korea with subsidiaries in Canada and the United States. The company is listed in the Koreans stock Exchange, the Kosdaq. 

NKMAX was founded in 2002 (as ATGen) on the belief that ‘Health is the greatest wealth’. The company and its employees are committed to both improving quality of life and saving lives—whether by providing novel diagnostic tests, developing new therapies, or providing the research community with quality proteins and antibodies that are crucial for life science advancements. 

NKMAX manufactures and distributes a large selection of recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies to over 200 research institutes in over 20 different countries. 

The company has also developed and launched an innovative NK Cell function test called NK VUE to help doctors diagnose diseases that are known to affect NK Cell activity. NK VUE bears CE Marking and has been approved by the KFDA and Health Canada. 

As of 2016, NKMAX has over 100 employees and keeps growing. The company's vision to save as many lives as possible is further reinforced by NKMAX’s current development of immunotherapies.