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Bangs Polystyrene Microspheres,PS, PC, PA 聚苯乙烯微球偶联手册


Polystyrene microspheres present a flexible platform for applications in diagnostics and bioseparations.

They may be coated with ligands such as antibodies, antigens, peptides, or nucleic acid probes, and can be loaded with hydrophobic dyes and other compounds. Polystyrene microspheres also are used extensively as standards for instrument set-up and calibration.

Plain polystyrene microspheres may be protein coated via adsorption, and have been utilized in a range of diagnostic tests and assays. Reference TechNote 204 华泰昕微球产品和荧光染料产品1561605040321779.pdf, Adsorption to Microspheres, for a general protocol and additional information & references.

Surface-modified microspheres are available with carboxyl or primary amine groups for covalent ligand attachment. TechNote 205, Covalent Coupling, details a basic foundation for successful attachment of a variety of ligands through coupling protocols, buffer recipes, blockers, and references. See for available coupling reagents and kits.

Our polystyrene spheres are synthesized via emulsion polymerization, and are available in diameters from ~20nm to 20µm, with typical CVs of 5-10%. For applications requiring highly stringent CVs (e.g. 2-5%), please contact our Customer Service group.