Accelagen is a fast growing Gene-to-Protein company providing superior quality services and products. The Accelagen team has demonstrated independent research capability in many projects and provided innovative solutions. We have established an unsurpassed track record of timely completion of projects over the years.

Accelagen contract services provide a comprehensive gene-to-protein solution. Our recombinant protein expression and purification services have yielded premium quality recombinant proteins for drug discovery. We have produced recombinant proteins for determination of co-crystal structures in Structure-Based Drug Discovery (SBDD), for assays in high-throughput screening (HTS) and lead development, and for pre-clinical animal studies.

Accelagen’s gene-to-protein platform integrates the latest technologies of Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS), E. coli expression, mammalian expression, Wave Bioreactors, Cell Factory, and AKTA chromatography systems for protein purificaiton. We have achieved superior protein quality and accelerated the processes from gene to protein. This platform is validated in the quality of our products and by the successes of our customers.

Our mission is to provide cost-effective gene-to-protein services, through technical excellence and quality communication.


Accelagen’s Enzyme Toolbox turbocharges your gene-to-protein sucess. We offer the highest quality tool enzymes that are widely used in molecular biology, protein purification, and proteomics.


Accelagen offers premium quality proteins for drug discovery. Our highly purified proteins are fully characterized and have the highest specific activities.


Enzyme Toolbox

TurboLigation Kit
Turbo3C Protease (HRV3C Protease)
TurboTEV Protease


PAK1KD, human PAK1 kinase domain
PAK2KD, human PAK2 kinase domain
PAK4KD, human PAK4 kinase domain
PAK6KD, human PAK6 kinase domain
PAK7KD, human PAK7 kinase domain