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Precious Cells International has been founded on the mission of making personalised medicine a reality by harnessing and making available the therapeutic and regenerative power of our precious stem cells to address the growing need of lifesaving stem cells transplantation.

Precious Cells International is privately owned company founded in 2008 in London, UK, with core business operations serving the UK, Europe, and Middle East markets. Precious Cells has its head offices in London and its R&D cell manufacturing processing facilities in Glasgow. The company significantly strengthened its market position following the acquisition of Pharmacells Ltd, one of Scotland’s most innovative stem cell companies, in 2014.

Precious Cells is engaged in the development of stem cell and personalised medicine technologies. The company has a strong R&D division which houses a multi-patent protected asset pipeline involving the commercialisation of biologics drug discovery, stem cell transfusion medicine applications and biomolecular diagnostics.

The company continues to demonstrate significant growth year on year through its portfolio of direct-to-consumer cell banking platform technologies including cord blood and adult peripheral blood services and is the first company in the UK to secure exclusive contract partnerships with multiple NHS Trusts for the provision of cryogenic and associated services. The company is also attracting a growing number of B2B cell manufacturing contracts facilitated through its state-of-the-art cleanroom laboratory facilities, servicing both the academia and pharma sector.

Guiding everything we do are four core values:

  • To adhere to the highest scientific and ethical principles

  • To provide services indiscriminately and universally

  • To pursue innovation and advancement

  • To exceed expectations