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    Product Data Sheet 214: QuantumPlex™ SP StreptavidinProduct Data Sheet 215: QuantumPlex™ StreptavidinProduct Data Sheet 234: QuantumPlex™ SP CarboxylProduct Data Sheet 235: QuantumPlex™ CarboxylProduc

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  • Bangs 铕螯合的荧光微球 365/610nm

    Bangs highly-fluorescent europium (III) nanoparticles offer exceptional stability, in addition to well-functionalized carboxylated surfaces for the covalent attachment of ligand. Our Eu (III) nanopart

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  • Bangs Laboratories 2014年产品目录

    Bangs Laboratories, Inc. was founded April 1, 1988, and has grown to include a product list containing more than1,500 varieties of the best microspheres in the world. Bangs Laboratories is a manufactu

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  • Quantum™ 和 Quantum™ Simply Cellular® (QSC) kits

    Quantum™ MESF and Quantum™ Simply Cellular® beads are external standards that enable the standardization of fluorescence intensity units irrespective of cytometer and software. Because they are labele

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  • Polysciences(Bangs labs)NIST溯源尺寸标准微粒

    Particle size standards may be used to validate sizing instruments across their dynamic ranges. They are suitable for use in the performance of routine instrument calibration checks and corrections, a

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  • BioMag® Superparamagnetic Particles and Kits 超顺磁磁珠和试剂盒

    BioMag and BioMag Plus are ~1.5µm high-performance superparamagnetic microparticles widely used in assays and for the efficient separation of cells and purification of proteins or other biomolecules.

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  • 聚苯乙烯微球 Bangs Polystyrene Microspheres,PS, PC, PA

    Polystyrene microspheres present a flexible platform for applications in diagnostics and bioseparations.They may be coatedwith ligands such as antibodies, antigens, peptides, or nucleic acid probes, a

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  • 功能化聚苯乙烯微球(羧基PC和氨基PA)

    Our carboxylate-modified polystyrene latex microspheres are suitable for the covalent immobilization of proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids. They are synthesized via emulsion polymerization, and are

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  • 非功能化聚苯乙烯微球(PS)

    Bangs(polysciences)提供单分散的聚苯乙烯乳胶微球,表面无功能基团,可用作尺寸标准品或标记物,或通过吸附表面蛋白质用于诊断测试和测定。参见TechNote 204 TechNote 204 Web.pdf 。我们的微球通过乳液聚合合成,直径约为20nm-90μm,粒径CV为5-10%。对于需要高度严格的CV(例如2-5%)的应用,请联系华泰昕公司。大多数产品以悬

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