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HyperCyte manufactures and distributes a various of laboratory products for hospitals and laboratories world-wide. Hypercyte serves many scientific disciplines, including Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Cytopathology (Cytology), Histotechnology (Histology), Pathology, Cytogenetics, and Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and so on. We are distributing the products including microparticles, cell culture medium, antibodies, kits, transfection reagents, chemical, and equipments and so on, to scientific and diagnostic fields.

Our website is continuously updated and new features are added constantly, representing our commitment to customer service. HyperCyte will always serve you and your laboratory interested in the best manner possible.

In an ongoing effort to remain a leading brand name in the life science research, HyperCyte evaluate, construct every process to streamline efficiency from the moment an order is received through package shipment to ensure the product quality.